Newsletter 2018
This year marks the 35-year of global operation for BRI and already shaping up to be the best year so far. We just returned from Miami-NATPE where we acquired new programs coving categories from feature films, documentaries, animation, family shows, children’s content and lifestyle series to extreme sports and VR (virtual reality) content. In the next few years we see the VR segment take off and become a standard of program transmission to consumers.

In March we attend markets in Latin America and visit our broadcast partners in Brazil. Then in April it is back to Mip in Cannes to meet with our European and Asian clients both on the production side and programming section of our industry.

BRI has remained active and essential to producers and broadcasters for over 3 & 1/2 decades servicing the independent production and broadcast markets worldwide and will continue for many years to come.

Our distribution network covers pay-per-view/VOD, pay and basic cable, lodging/hotels, free TV, OTT systems, cruise ships and airlines as well as the last vestiges of the retail DVD markets in the US and abroad with activities to develop the VR markets around the globe.

During the BRI reign we have generated over 150 million dollars for our producers and IP rights holders and continuing to establish markets that generate income for our producing clients. We are fortunate to enjoy monthly contractual program supply arrangements with many of the systems, channels, networks and many of the new platforms around the world.

We will continue to service the independent production community as well as the broadcast industry with honor, ethics, trust and loyalty to all our clients and customers for many years to come with the support of new and established studios and producers as well as our honored broadcast partners worldwide with sincere appreciation and total support.